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Observations about life, people and relationships from the card department.

The 99 Cent Card

In the card department the other day, I was stocking cards in one aisle and heard the conversation between a mom and her young son in the next.

“What kind of card do you want for Devon’s birthday?” she asked.

“Thomas the Train!”

“That’s a great card,” she said. Then, a minute later. “Wow, it’s almost $5.00. Boy that’s a lot of money for a card. Gee, it’s only made out of paper.”

Wait a minute, lady. It’s not only paper. It’s about connections. Relationships. Emotions. Life.

But I do understand the desire to be careful with our hard-earned money. I poked my head around the corner. “The 99 cent cards are in the back of this aisle, if you’re interested.”

The woman and her son found a card in the Value section. I found it interesting they still spent a few minutes to find the perfect card. The card with the balloons? No. The cake and candles card? No. They picked the card with the puppy on it. Devon likes puppies.

I bet Devon’s birthday will be as special as his hand-picked card.

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The Friend’s Birthday Card

In the card department the other day, a woman asked where the birthday cards for “friend” were located.

We have “friend” cards in the general section, the feminine birthday card section, the funny card section and the specialty card section. The question remains: what KIND of friend are we talking about? Even more importantly, what kind of birthday message are we sending?

Sometimes, we want to get our friends a sentimental birthday card, particularly if it has been a tough year, or even more so if she is having a tough time with the –ahem- number of candles on her birthday cake.

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Other times, however, it’s about relaxing and celebrating the joy of our friendship. Makes me think of confetti, balloons, cake and ice cream.


Yet other times, friends and birthdays combine for the ultimate cocktail of emotions as varied as laughing and crying. If a card evokes either of these emotions, it’s the right card.

The woman found a birthday card, finally.

“It will make her cry,” she said.


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