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The Blank Card–revisited

on July 22, 2014
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In the card department the other day, a customer asked me where to find the blank cards. She wasn’t quite sure what to say and the white space freed her to share from her heart without categorizing her feelings.

I’ve always been intrigued by the appeal of the blank cards. I notice people taking extensive amounts of time to find the perfect card, with the perfect words, the perfect illustrations (and of course at the perfect price) for their loved ones and friends. Why spend the money on a card with no words inside?

She then told me why she needed the card. It was for her son—in jail. Gulp.

There is no other type of card I can think of which fits.

Good luck?

Thinking of you?


Get well soon?

None of these work. The only perfect solution? A few simple words to her son saying “I love you,” surrounded by the hug of the blank white page. I’ve always perceived words to be a gift, but sometimes the absence of words is a gift.

Have you ever used a blank card to send a special message?


2 responses to “The Blank Card–revisited

  1. pkcapaldo says:

    “A few simple words to her son saying “I love you,” surrounded by the hug of the blank white page.” A lovely thought. I agree, sometimes the best thing to say is nothing. Even though I’m a writer, I find the blank cards a bit intimidating (maybe because my handwriting is so bad). But sometimes there is no stock phrase or sentiment to fit the situation, and you can send your love “surrounded by the blank white page.”

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