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The Mother’s Day Card

on May 13, 2014
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In the card department the other day, I frantically set the final batch of mother’s day cards to keep up with the gargantuan demand for all-things-mom.

There are cards for mom, mother, mother-in-law, grandma, nana, grandmother, sister, aunt, like-a-mom, friend, daughter, daughter-from-your-mother, mother-from-your-daughter-, mother-from-your-son, stepmom, and of course, mom-from-your-dog. Guess you never thought of all those options, huh? A large majority of the cards are sweet and sentimental but my favorite are the funny cards. These had customers laughing out loud and I laughed along with them.

In its simplest form, I believe mother’s day is the busiest greeting card holiday of the year because it represents unconditional, unlimited, beautiful love. Who wouldn’t want that?

Ah, a beautiful thought, but when shopping for mother’s day cards the day before the holiday, the message of love can get lost in the shuffle. Tenacious and focused, I continued to put the cards out despite the tension in the air.

I heard my favorite conversation which went something like this:

Little girl: “Daddy.”







Then, finally, the dad: “What?”

Little girl: “There’s a lot of daddies here!”

I looked around and laughed out loud. A row of men ten across and three deep were looking for mother’s day cards.

That little girl is going to be a card merchandiser one day.


2 responses to “The Mother’s Day Card

  1. Judy Tomarelli says:

    I liked this. So true. Dad used to send the kids out to get cards. Thank you. Love, Mom

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Cindy Butler says:

    Cute. Very observant little girl.

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