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Love is Still in the Air

on March 4, 2014


In the card department the other day, I finally removed the remaining Valentine’s Day greetings. So much love, so little time. It’s estimated the greeting card industry sold over $800 million in sentiments for the heart-shaped holiday this year. All for a single three-word message: I love you.

Saying “I love you” has never been out of style. And believe me, there are a bazillion ways to say it. There were serious cards, funny cards, sentimental cards, wordy cards, short-and-sweet cards. There were musical cards, pop-out cards, and, my least favorite, insanely glittery cards. Glitter belongs in the craft aisle, not on cards. After a while, the cards all started to look the same, like photocopies of each other. But one day, I had a different experience. It was the day the Asian man with his three kids, all looking like photocopies of himself, strolled past.

He approached me and asked, “Where are your (insert hand gesture as if describing the large fish he just caught) BIG musical cards?”

I’ve fielded many card-finding requests, some typical, some unusual. There’s the “Where are your granddaughter cards?” and the “Where are your great-aunt cards?” but seriously, no one asks for the musical cards. They pick them up by accident, out of curiosity, never planning to buy them. They simply want to check them out. Many people seem to be in too much of a hurry to enjoy the cards. It’s a shame, because there’s always a giggle or a smile that follows the 30-second show. But this guy was looking for them. Not only did he ask for the musical cards, but he wanted one that was the size of a notebook.

“I don’t think they’re quite that big, but the musical cards are down at the other end of the aisle, over there,” I pointed.


He and his three children spent the next ten minutes looking at, listening to, and laughing at practically every musical card on display. Not only that, he selected one, grinned a gargantuan smile, and left.

Now that’s love.

Have you witnessed any unique ways of expressing love lately?


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