Cards and Conversations

Observations about life, people and relationships from the card department.

The Multi-Purpose Card

In the card department the other day, a gentleman was reading the Halloween cards, intent on something specific evidenced by his furrowed brows and methodic card-reading. One at a time he’d pick up a card, read it, put it back, get the next one. When I passed the orange section again fifteen minutes later, I couldn’t help but ask.

“Anything in particular you’re looking for?”

“I need a card for a nice young lady,” he said.

A wide gamut of possibilities entered my mind. His daughter? His granddaughter? Yes, the graying hair had me wondering. Nah, it couldn’t be…a girlfriend?

He had two cards in his hands and showed them both to me.

“Which do you think she will like?”

One was a romantic Halloween card implying the woman cast a magical spell on him; the other was generic with pop-out bats and blinking lights within.

This was getting deep. What was he thinking? What does she think about him?

I suggested the bats. Magical spells are getting too personal in my opinion.

I continued with my work, and fifteen more minutes later he found yet another card, and of course showed it to me.

“How about this one?”

It said something about a Halloween hug.

“Sounds good,” I relented.

“It’s our first date,” he responded while walking away with a skip in his step. Pleased with his choice, I said a little prayer that the woman receiving the card would feel the same way. It seemed the fate of his future romantic life was in the hands of the words on the card. Such pressure.

When we are using cards to say more than what is obvious, things get tricky. Simple is better. Happy Halloween, that’s all. Or, I like you. Or, Happy Birthday. Someone recently asked me for a Congratulations-on-your-wedding-and-happy-new-home card. Like the photo above: is a dandelion a flower or is it a weed?


I prefer simplicity. What kind of cards do you like?